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So why Your Big Scene?

In 2007 I was asked to be the "lights and sound guy" in the local melodrama.  I think the main reason I was asked was that I used to do a lot of performing in my wild and crazy big-hair rock-band days and therefore had a sound system.  And I knew how to make crazy firework explosions using a light bulb socket, black powder, and crank-power...

But no matter why I was asked, I was happy to help out, and really enjoyed being behind the scenes.

My lights and sound skilz must have been pretty dope, yo (ok, I'll stop) because I was asked back again the next year.

During one of the rehearsals, I was asked to step in for someone who couldn't make it that night. I belted out my lines in my best Dudley Do-Right impression.  I must have made quite an impression with my impression (ok, I'll stop) because the next year I was asked to be the hero, the sheriff, the star of the show.

Goodbye creepy lights and sound guy, hello center stage.

Maybe it was just because the main character's name was Dee Cember, but whatever. 

I got the part.

Dee Hathaway plays the sheriff in the local melodrama.I'm kind of a big deal

I've always loved being in the spotlight.  I was in a rock band, and a country band, and had even been in a couple of community theater plays when I was younger.  I've always been comfortable on stage and in front of crowds.  Maybe not so much as part of the crowd... let's just say I'd rather be giving a speech than hearing one.

Anyway... At those oh-so often times the melodrama director was trying to motivate us into overacting (melodrama, remember), to get us to really vocalize and use sweeping arm motions, she would tell us...

"This is your big scene!"

As much as I enjoy seeing what goes on backstage, I really like being in the spotlight, being the big scene.

Blog Days of Summer

Although I've been geeking for many, many (many, many) years, I took my first web design class in 2003.  I was the webmaster for a government site and thought I should know a little something about setting up websites.  The class I took was for internet marketing, but I had no idea what that was and was only there to learn about HTML and CSS and KFC and IHOP (wait...).

Fast forward to 2009, when I signed up for a course on making millions of dollars learning how to blog.  I launched several dozen websites, and actually made a bit of money.

But my heart wasn't in it.

The idea behind that course was finding things that were popular, that scored well on Google, and writing bunches of blog posts about it and spamming every site in sight (I'll stop that too).  I spent hundreds of hours "spinning" articles (rewriting other people's articles) trying to drive traffic to my sites so I could get pennies from Google.

  • I got tired of writing about things I didn't care about.
  • I did not make millions of dollars.
  • It felt like lying.

I quit.

You Should Write a Book

I had been working on a personal growth and development blog for several years.  My wife thought that there was a lot of good information on that page; enough to write a book.  In 2017 I published my book Here's What Let's Do: Stop Being Average and Start Being Awesome.

It went to #1.

A Brand New You

I want to take the experience and education that have made me the successful person that I am and share it with the world.

I want to help others develop a life they love, and live with purpose.

I want to help you learn how you can live the life of your dreams.

I want to help make your life Your Big Scene.

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